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About who'she

Who is She?

She is radiant. Her glow can blind the gaze that bounces off the surface. It is the eye that sees beyond the facade that is rewarded with her unique beauty. A beauty that may have taken a while as she struggled to be accepted and lived for the sake of others… until she became confident and dared to hear her inner voice, to taste the freedom to be herself. Today she glows with the gold she long searched for and that is now hers to keep.

Who is she? She is gazing back at you from your mirror.

Meet her and WHO’SHE, the garments of exquisite craftmanship created for you, the one who loves. For the you who loves herself.

The Golden Seam

As a reminder for you to love yourself, each and every WHO’SHE piece has a golden thread in it. The shining strand on the inside of the garment will remind you that your beauty, your strength and your happiness – your gold – is not on the outside, but within you. Every failure, just like every success, every self-discovery belongs to the story of your life. It blends all the experiences and it creates you, unique as you are, much like the WHO’SHE golden thread that connects separate elements of the garment into a harmonious silhouette.

The Silhouettes

Light, flowy, subtle and feminine – these are the staple features recognizable in all WHO’SHE pieces. Enriched with pastel colors, the silhouettes of the dresses, skirts and sweaters best come into being at the touch. The coziness and the quality of WHO’SHE is for the woman who is classy, knows how to relax and gives into romance from time to time. It is for those who dress to express, not to impress.


Who am I?

I had long feared this question. I studied for practical careers and rushed to climb the ladder, I was proud of my executive positions, I indulged in public recognition and money... In short, I was perfect and successful. Yet unhappy. Quite some time had to pass until I realized that, until I dared to ask myself who I was and what I really wanted.

That is how I rediscovered myself, that is how couture came into my life. When I rejected the depressing lifestyle, creativity became my outlet. From sketching the design to feeling the final product on my body, every step of it was therapeutic and brought back the joy to my life. I looked at a garment – and still do – as if it were the expression of the human essence, an auto-portrait that I paint as I strive for harmony.

After some time creating only for myself, I realized that fashion design is not my new profession. Dreaming, styling, feeling the textures and envisioning how WHO’SHE silhouettes flutter in your movement – it is my lifestyle. It is my way to love myself. It is my way to wish you the same.

I am Sandra Tvarkūnienė.